For the love of food

Trying new food. It is one of my favourite things out there. While I’m living in Vietnam to complete my academic placement I’m going to be able to try new food on a daily basis for 8 months. I have heard nothing but good things about food in Vietnam and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of it. After some research (and some drooling), here are the top 5 foods I want to try while in Vietnam.

1. Phở

While I have tried phở (noodle soup) in Waterloo, I cannot wait to try it in the place it was invented. It is full of noodles, fresh veggies and whatever meet your heart fancies. I can’t wait to try this Vietnamese classic.


2. Cha ca la Vong

This dish comprised of fish grilled with shrimp paste, fish sauce, turmeric and dill served with noodles is a dish that makes my mouth water. Dill isn’t a typical ingredient for Vietnamese cuisine so it will be interesting to try a dish that is centred around it.

3. Egg Milk Coffee

I have heard how delicious these coffees were from many people who have tried them but it seems like such a weird concept to me. This coffee is made out of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Robusta coffee. This drink can be found all throughout Hanoi and is spreading to the rest of the country.



4. Bun Cha

This delicious looking bowl of grilled pork and noodles originates from Hanoi and is a combination of grilled pork, vermicelli noodles and various dipping sauces.

5. Bánh bao

Similar to Chinese baozi (which I am in love with) these buns can be stuffed with whatever your heart desires, well I guess whatever the chef’s heart desires. I’m sure I will be eating one to many of these little guys.





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